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GNLC Scorcher x Toola RTC
DOB April 1, 2021
ILR 295086

Voula RTC

Voula RTC is a big young girl, she is very striking with BLACK silky fiber and a splash of white under her chin. Voula RTC measured 40 inches at the withers at ten months old. Voula is very straight, great top line, nice tail set and every step is in line. This girl will definitely compete in any show ring, show her for a couple years and then add her to your breeding program.  


The design on Voula started in 1986 when RTC Llama Ranched purchased Quick Silver a Bolivian Import, The Boss a direct Lopez son in 1992, and continued in 2000 when RTC llama Ranch purchased Argentine Moore before the Argentines where imported in the USA. RTC Llama Ranch goes back seven generations on Voula, so the pedigree protection plan for Voula is in place.


In our breeding plan we attempt to build consistency and Voula RTC will definitely cover that plan.  Voula’s grandmother Santa Fe RTC is currently our oldest female on the Ranch, and one of our all time favorites, go to our website to see Santa Fe and more pictures of Voula RTC or call Randy with questions.  

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