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About Us

Randy and Tara Cipriano have lived and raised llamas in Garland, Nebraska since 1986. They started out with two llamas, and as other breeders know, caught the bug and now own a herd of 75 plus llamas. RTC Ranch is a breeding ranch and have 25 to 30 crias a year.



RTC Llama Ranch consists of 450 acres of brome and prairie hay which gives ample room for the llamas to roam and to raise. 



Besides raising llamas, Randy has owned and operated his own marketing business with his corporate office located in Lincoln, Nebraska. Cipriano and Associates Inc. has grown and is in major cities throughout the Midwest. In addition to Cipriano & Associates Inc. Randy bought and redeveloped the Lincoln Hide & Fur Building located in the historic Haymarket. Tenants include PC Sports, The N-Zone, Culinary Underground and the corporate office of Cipriano & Associates Inc.


RTC Llama Ranch has been raising llamas since 1986. We offer pet to show quality animals in a wide variety of colors, styles and wool with the focus on animals with great dispositions.



RTC Llama Ranch crosses Argentine, Chilean, Bolivian, Peruvian, and Domestic llamas to provide you with the finest in quality, wool, and size.  Creating desirable traits such as silky/suri locked to skin fiber, wool coverage head to toe, shorter nose, stretch with bone, great ears and SPLASH.



Mission Statement
"Breeding quality blood lines for excellence in conformation, fiber, and temperament."


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