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Temptress RTC


Date of Birth: August 26, 2016

MGF Olympus x Irrisistible RTC

Temptress RTC is an absolutely exquisite young female with grace, style, presence, and beautiful fiber. This Argentine suri cross has a long stretchy neck with balance and a proper gait. Temptress has great wool coverage from ear to toe, with silky locked to the skin fiber! Her fiber shines with luster, she has fantastic ears, a short nose and bone with stretch!


RTC goes back four generations!! Her great grandfather a direct Lopez son, The Boss was an ALSA Get a Sire Champion. Her great grandmother, Argentine Moore Randy bought in Temuco, Chili before the Argentines were imported into the USA. Argentine Fresco has produced some of the best RTC animals and Temptress is no different. Temptress dam, Irresistible RTC, can be viewed on our website (click here) her ears almost touch. Temptress sells with the RTC Ranch guarantee. Call Randy with questions, 402-540-4058.

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