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Silver Sensation RTC

GNLC Scorcher x PVL A Touch of Silver

May 17, 2019

ILR 292789

Silver Sensation RTC is a lovely GNLC Scorcher daughter out of PVL A Touch of Silver. Silver Sensation RTC is the result of matching two of the best breeders in the industry, both still active today.  With Silver Sensation it's hard not to believe in solid pedigree breeding and purchasing.


She has splash, fiber and confirmation. Silver Sensation RTC carries herself very well, she has a nice head, perfect ears with a long stretchy neck. She possesses beautiful lustrous silver suri fiber giving her an exotic look with good coverage. Silver Sensation RTC has excellent confirmation, very straight, walks well, balanced, great top line with a high tail set.


This feminine colorful female will only be a little over 16 months old at sale time. She is show ready and her striking presence will make her stand out.  Her pedigree includes PVL Jasmine, GNLC Merlin, Lock Ness and Sijama Zestie. The pedigree protection plan is already in place. She sells with the RTC Llama Ranch guarantee.


Contact Randy with questions and go to the RTC website to see more pictures.

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