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Selena RTC

GNLC Scorcher x My Serenity RTC
DOB May 28, 2020
ILR 294025

Selena RTC is a very stretchy, well balanced, straight young show prospect. Her size comes from both parents; her dam, My Serenity RTC, is 47.5 at the withers and her sire, GNLC Scorcher, is 49 inches. Selena's suri/silkie fiber has a lock, lots of luster and color. She has a great top line, high tail set, an amazing long stretchy neck, and nice head and ears. 

RTC Llama Ranch goes back six generations on Selena. This striking young show prospect has a good disposition and the pedigree protection plan includes Toocoolo RTC, RAR Richochet, Argentine Fresco, GNLC Merlin, The Boss, Sijama Zestie, G.C. Ultra Vixen, Kala Shay RTC, and FFF Chiri Colipe. All animals can be viewed on our website:

Selena RTC sells with the RTC Llama Ranch guarantee. Contact Randy with questions. Go to the RTC website to see more pictures.

*Selena RTC at nine months old measured 42.5 inches at the withers.

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