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Revelation RTC



Date of Birth: September 26, 2006


Argentine Fresco RTC x Kala Shay RTC

Revelation RTC is just that - a Revelation!  He defines a new and uncommon discovery in the llama world.  Revelation RTC is a great example of our breeding program going back SIX generations, crossing big boned Argentines with silky/suri fibered animals with size, stretch with bone, confirmation and splash.  His sire, Argentine Fresco has consistently put awesome crias on the ground and in the show ring.  


Revelation RTC also exhibits qualities of other well known llamas in his pedigree, RAR Richochet, The Boss, Quicksilver RTC, Argentine Don Zunca and his dam Kala Shay RTC.  With all of these ingredients added together, Revelation RTC is an awesome recipe of bone, disposition, silky/suri lustrous locked to the skin fiber and splash!!!   


He is the perfect example of the new wave, big bone crossed with silky/suri fiber!  Revelation is half Argentine with a long stretchy neck and will add instant bone to your breeding program.


Revelation RTC has RARE silky/suri Argentine fiber which is locked and twisted to the skin.  At RTC Llama Ranch we've worked hard the past 30 years and made selective breeding decisions to get such qualities in an animal.

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