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Pepper Argentine RTC


Date of Birth: May 18, 2013

Argentine Fresco x Rojo Spice (Argentine)

Pepper Argentine RTC just turned two and she is already a BIG girl! This Argentine Fresco cria has great confirmation along with fantastic ears covered in silver fiber, shorter nose, big bone with stretch, fiber coverage from head to toe and a great disposition.


RTC Ranch goes back four generations in Pepper's pedigree, which is very unique in the Argentine bloodlines. In 2000 when the Argentine herd was in Temuco Chile, Randy purchased and hand picked Argentine Huara (great grandma), Argentine Moore (grandma) and Chiste De Temuco (grandma) before the Argentines were imported into the USA.


Pepper is ready to be bred, if you're looking for Argentine bloodlines with size, Pepper is your girl. Pepper Argentine RTC sells with our ranch guarantee.


Call with questions (402) 540-4058


LFA Consignment Lot # 18


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