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Krystal RTC

GNLC Scorcher x Kaylee RTC
DOB June 29, 2022
ILR 296700

Krystal RTC is a very big, strong, striking young female. If you're looking to add size, structure, splash and bone (with stretch), Krystal might be your female. Krystal has a beautiful head with ears that almost touch. She has colorful silky lustrous fiber with good coverage from ear to toe.

RTC goes back six generations on Krystal. The full Argentine is three generations back on this female so the stretch is there. Krystal's dam, Kayee RTC, is one of our best females. She was shown three times and was Best of Show or Grand Champion all three times.


Krystal's pedigree includes Toocoolo RTC, Kala Shay RTC and her sire is GNLC Scorcher. Krystal's full sister, Kayleena RTC, was the high selling female in the 2021 Gathering Sale, purchased by Mike and Wendy Gerken, Hard Rock Llama Co. 

Krystal has a great disposition and is a gentle giant; she measured 39.5 inches at seven months old. We think she is going to be very big. Go to the RTC website to see updated pictures, or call Randy with questions.

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