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Jasmine Argentine RTC



Date of Birth:  June 01, 2015


Argentine Pascual x Chai RTC

Jasmine is an absolutely exquisite young female with grace, style, presence, beautiful fiber and SPLASH. She has great wool coverage from head to toe with silky, twisted locked to the skin fiber, lots of luster, color and a very exotic face!!


Jasmine Argentine RTC just turned two and already is a big girl. At 21 months she measured 43.5 inches at the withers!! Jasmine Argentine RTC has bone with stretch, width, shorter nose, a long stretchy neck with balance and a proper gate, AND A GREAT DISPOSITION!!


RTC Ranch goes back four generations on Jasmine. She is a good example of RTC Ranch breeding program crossing big strong silky/suri fibered animals to heavy boned Argentines. 


Pedigree Includes: Argentine Machi, Argentine Saltarin, Argentine Moore, Argentine Pascual, Chai RTC, Chileno Chiri Chico and Chileno Chasco. Visit our website to see updated pictures or call Randy: 402-540-4058.

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