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Fresca RTC

Argentine Fresco x Lady Godiva​ RTC

Date of Birth: September 06, 2013


Fresca RTC is half Argentine and a powerhouse female! This Argentine Fresco cria has great confirmation along with fantastic ears covered in brown/silver fiber, shorter nose, big bone with stretch, fiber coverage from head to toe and a good disposition. Her fiber is extremely silky, locked and twisted to the skin.


RTC Ranch goes back five generations in Fresca's pedigree in 2000 when the Argentine herd was in Temuco, Chile, Randy purchased and hand-picked Argentine Moore (grandmother) before the Argentines were imported into the USA. In 1986 RTC Ranch bought Fresca's great great grandfather Quick Silver RTC he was a Bolivian import. You don't luck into consistency this female is bred right!! Her dam is Lady Godiva RTC who produced Lady Diva RTC, the high selling female in the 2015 LFA.


Pedigree includes: Argentine Moore, Argentine Fresco, RAR Richochet, Lady Godiva RTC, Fancy RTC, The Boss and Lopez. Fresca RTC was bred to GNLC Scorcher in September 2016 and sells with our ranch guarantee.


Visit our website to see updated pictures, or call Randy with questions (402) 540-4058.

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