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Chai RTC



Date of Birth:  March 28, 2006


FFF Chiri Colipe x Tokia Argentine RTC

Chai RTC is everything you are looking for!  This half Argentine bred female is the whole package.  She has been our "PR" llama on the ranch, with such a friendly and approachable disposition and looks to match.


Her strong, straight bone is enhanced by her size, wool cover, and color.  Her Argentine brownish red saddle is complimented by her cream colored stretchy neck and woolly head.  


Her great looks came from her dam Tokia Argentine RTC, but also were derived from her sire, exotic suri fibered FFF Chiri Colipe.  This wonderful half Argentine female is bred to the famous Argentine Fresco, due to this summer.  Chai RTC is the perfect example of breeding exotic suris with Argentine adding bone with stretch!!

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