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Celebration RTC

Argentine Fresco x Kala Shay RTC

Date of Birth: October 22, 2013


RTC Llama Ranch goes back six generations on Celebration RTC.  You can also view her full brothers, Revelation RTC (click here) and Toocoolo RTC (click here), in our Adult Male section.  Celebration is half Argentine and is an example of our breeding program, crossing big boned Argentines with silky/suri fibered animals with size confirmation and splash.


Look at her pedigree:  RAR Richochet, The Boss, Quick Silver, Argentine Fresco RTC and Kala Shay RTC who is a direct RAR Richochet daughter.  When you visit the RTC Llama Ranch website, make sure that you look for Celebration RTC's two full brothers.


Celebration is a beautiful example of the RTC breeding focus.  She has silky/suri locked to the skin fiber, with ear to toe wool coverage, splashy tri-color, stretch with bone, shorter nose, and a great disposition. 


At six months old, Celebration RTC was the Grand Champion Heavy Wool Female and BEST OF SHOW at the Ozark Show in May 2014.


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