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Bellaire RTC



Date of Birth:  September 8, 2010


Revelation RTC x T.Y. Airbella

This half Argentine is a cutie!  Her sire, Revelation RTC, has produced a winner here.  She is proof that crossing the Argentine bone and fiber with our strong, big, silky fibered females produces wonderful half Argentine offspring.


Bellaire RTC has beautiful, dense, black silky, suri lustrous fiber!  Her sire comes from a line of great pedigree; RTC Ranch goes back six generations on this female!


In 1986 we bough Quick Silver RTC, a Bolivian import, who started this line of great animals.  Look at the sires on her pedigree, Quick Silver RTC (full Bolivian), Richochet, Argentine Don Zunca, Argentine Fresco, Don Juan Quixote, Macho Camacho and Revelation RTC.


Her dam, T.Y. Airbella, has produced many fine offspring for our ranch as well.  Bellaire RTC has it all  Her correct, compact body, her triangle shaped face with perfect ears, her luminous black, silky suri fiber, makes for a classy combination.

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