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Toomisu RTC

Female Cria: Tia RTC on side 3-in-1 package


Toocoolo RTC x Tiramisu RTC

Date of Birth:  June 2, 2012


Bred Female: Service Sire GNLC Scorcher, August 2020

At RTC Llama Ranch we've worked diligently the past 33 year's making selective breeding decisions and Toomisu RTC is a mantle piece for the process. Toomisu RTC is a proven female and is bred to GNLC Scorcher. Toomisu RTC is a sixth generation RTC, she is a great example of this breeding program.  


She is big and has beautiful silky fiber with a lot of bone. Splashy, colorful, tall, well balanced with a long stretchy neck, she exudes presence with great confirmation and gorgeous head and ears. Toomisu is always in perfect picture position, with superb silky fiber coverage from ear to toe.


Her pedigree includes, Lopez, Federico, The Boss, Peruvian Commodore, RAR Richochet, Argentine Fresco, Kala Shay RTC, Toocoolo RTC and Simba RTC. You don't luck into consistency, RTC Llama Ranch breeds with a purpose, it takes years of culling, breeding and matching animals to create and carry on desired qualities and eliminating weakness.


Her sire Toocoolo RTC was the sire of Chablis RTC who was the high selling female at the 2017 LFA. Toomisu RTC is a perfect example of this breeding program. RTC Ranch proudly presents Toomisu RTC and her female cria on the side. To view updated pictures of Toomisu RTC and her female cria, Tia RTC, go to RTC Llama Ranch website:

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