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Kaylee RTC



Date of Birth:  October 22, 2015


Toocoolo RTC x Kolbie RTC

At six months of age Kaylee RTC was Best of Show Female at the Ozark Show in May 2016. Also, Kalyee RTC was GRAND CHAMPION SURI FEMALE at the Estes Park Wool Market on June 12, 2016!! August 12, 2016 she was the Grand Champion Suri Female at the Lancaster County Super Fair! Kaylee's a beautiful example of the RTC breeding focus. She has dripping suri/silky locked to the skin fiber, with ear to toe wool coverage, stretch with bone, shorter nose and beautiful gray/silver/brown coloring. RTC Ranch goes back six generations on her pedigree. Kaylee is an Argentine-Suri cross, included in her pedigree: Toocoolo RTC, Kala Shay RTC, Argentine Fresco, Argentine Don Zunca, Kantu and Kolbie RTC. 

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