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Freyja's Queen RTC



Date of Birth:  August 23, 2018


GNLC Scorcher x Me Freyja

Freyja’s Queen RTC has a pedigree that includes GNLC Scorcher, MCF Etol, Crazy Mountain Man, Sijama Zestie, Peruvian Voldemort, El Fuerte, GNLC Merlin, Federico, WLK Katalyst, WLK Heat Wave, White Heat, Top Flight and Symbol. We will have her ILR registration posted on the RTC website by sale time.


Freyja's Queen RTC's fiber is silky with a few locks, lots of luster and color. She is black-brown with white splashes on her face, neck and front lower legs. 

Freyja's Queen RTC has good fiber coverage on her face, ears and knee down. She is selling with her dam Me Freyja (exposed back to Scorcher).  At sale time she will only be eight weeks old. Delivery is available to ALSA Grand Nationals or NAILE.  Call Randy with questions 402-540-4058 or visit our website.   

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