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Chica Argentine RTC

Grand Champion Heavy Wool Female Estes Park



Date of Birth:  October 07, 2019


Argentine Pascual x Rojo Spice RTC

Chica is a superb young 3/4 Argentine. If you want to add bone to your herd and love to show here is your girl. Chica is BIG and will only be eight months old at sale time. Chica has lots of bone with stretch, but also well balanced, very straight, and possesses a great top line, head and ears. She has black silkie fiber with an exotic splash of white on her nose, great fiber coverage from head to toe, lots of head and ear wool and coverage from the knee down.


She has a long stretchy neck with a very typie head, great disposition, very sweet and always standing in a picture perfect position (show ready). RTC Ranch goes back three generations which is unusual with the Argentine bloodlines.


Randy bought her great grandmother Argentine Huara and Chiste de Temuco her grandmother before the Argentine's were imported into the United States. Chica sells with the RTC Ranch guarantee, if you have questions call, text, email and visit the RTC website to see updated 


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